Anhelita Pray for Ukraine

Art collections will be added regularly to this website with the mysterious name "Angelicious Art" which resembles a portion of my name* and a passion for landscape and portrait photography with a twist of mystical influence of surreal color capture or digitization for the full emotional impact. 

There will be limited and unique collection of my paintings and other type of art presented as well. 

* I am Ukrainian-American, who was born in Lviv, Ukraine. My brother, Andrii, currently is defending Ukraine in the Ukrainian Army and I encourage  everyone to support Ukrainian Army and Pray for Ukraine!

Unsolved Mystery Collection. Florida Sunset Mystery.

Unsolved Mystery 1 (Original)

Unsolved Mystery 4
Unsolved Mystery 7
Unsolved Mystery 10
Unsolved Mystery 2
Unsolved Mystery 5

Unsolved Mystery 8

Unsolved Mystery 3
Unsolved Mystery 6
Unsolved Mystery 9

Mysterious Palms Collection. Florida Sunset Mystery.

Mystery Palm 1

Mystery Palm 6
Mystery Palm 2
Mystery Palm 7
Mystery Palm 5
Mystery Palm 4